Because Sometimes Life Just Happens

I had planned on making Fridays the day I share with you all the wonderful meal creations for the week to show you how I eat and how doable this all is. To inspire you. But, life got in the way.  BIG TIME!  I stuck to my healthy eating most of the time, but one time I didn’t.  And the world didn’t end.  My body acted up and reminded me I don’t eat crap and, instead of feeling badly about myself I just got back on program. 

In a nutshell, here’s what I made/ate: On Sunday, I made GF Biscotti.  I can’t even tell you the last time I had Biscotti.  I also made a big batch of soup. And both were fabulous! Monday was the baseball game and I just took my own food to eat.  I did make this incredible hamburger Tuesday night – the night the Cubs beat the Giants.  That was an epic evening in our house.  And an epic burger.  The Biscotti and hamburger recipes were out of Danielle Walker’s Celebrations cookbook.  Seriously, buy the book.  It’s amazing!!!  Since there was enough hamburger for two dinners, I was thankful the day I had my meltdown that I didn’t have to cook!  Last night was a very busy night in our house.  Since it was just me and I wanted comfort food, I fried an egg and served that over Brussels Sprout hash (B sprouts sautéed in ghee with onions and garlic).  Don’t knock it until you try it.  Seriously, next to cauliflower hash, this is my new favorite!  I also toasted up a slice of GF raisin bread.  And, I was happy. And tonight?  Another breakfast for dinner night with eggs over cauliflower hash.  Again, YUMMY!  My breakfasts this week have alternated between smoothies and the egg bake casserole I made on Sunday.  And lunches have been the soup I made.  Snacks are veggies or berries or nuts.  And I drink a ton of water!!!  Told ya. Nothing very inspiring or interesting this week. On Wednesday, my meltdown day, I cheated and had a vanilla cone from McDonalds.  And it tasted wonderful. Should I have reached for food to soothe me? Nope!  But I did and I own it and I’m not making deals that I will do x amount of exercise to burn it off or eat less to make up for it.  What’s done is done,  I refuse to beat myself up and now I move forward.

And even though this has been a crazy busy week, because I prepare everything over the weekend, with the exception of my cheat, I always had healthy food to snack on or grab and go for meals. And my cheat wasn’t due to lack of planning.  That was a moment of weakness I chose to give in to.  I CHOSE to give in. Because sometimes, life just happens.  And it’s ok.


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