A carb is still a carb

Let them eat cake. And today we are going to. Yellow cake with chocolate frosting to be exact.

Today was a holiday for our school and since I was too tired for meal prep yesterday, I had to get busy in the kitchen today. Not that I mind. My kitchen is my happy place. I’m fortunate to have a large enough kitchen I can move around in with lots of prep space. It sure makes things easier. Especially since I had every pot and pan in use today.

I started off my morning meal planning for the week: Lemon Rosemary porkchops (enough for two days), potato salad and baked beans; salmon and strawberry salad, and Hawaiian burgers.  I made my grocery list and then ordered everything online so all I had to do was pick everything up. Love that! So much more efficient! While unpacking everything, I measured nuts and snacks into individual portions and chopped carrots and celery for the week. And then I started cooking.

In my new Celebrations cookbook, there is a recipe for yellow cake and chocolate frosting I have been dying to make so I decided today was the day. Can’t wait to try it! Dinner tonight is the pork chops, potato salad and beans. Only they aren’t beans because I can’t have them. They are pine nuts. Really. And this recipe is delicious and tastes just like baked beans! Pine nuts, bacon, onions, peppers, garlic…  The potato salad is dairy free with avocado mayo, coconut milk, dill,  mustard, sweet potatoes, celery, and cucumber. Also delicious. These two recipes as well as the chicken salad I made for my lunches can also be found in the Celebrations cookbook. I haven’t had potato salad or beans in forever! I’m so excited! I’m also tired. Exhausted, really. It’s a lot of work prepping for the week. But it’s also necessary. And come Wednesday or Thursday I will be so glad I did.

So that is my day. Nothing  sexy or exciting today. Just a day full of chopping and dicing and cake. Let’s not forget that cake. And remember, just because it’s gluten free, etc. doesn’t mean you can splurge daily because it’s “healthy.” A carb is still a carb.




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