Feeling naughty

Well I just bet that caught your attention…

I was enjoying our leftovers tonight – “beans,” potato salad and porkchops. I feel so naughty. And yet… Nothing bad about my dinner. It’s all about moderation. And for those of you who missed yesterday’s blog. The beans are actually pine nuts and nobody had the foggiest idea until I fessed up. I love having that power… 😉

So I love to cook. I’m actually an excellent cook. Baking? Meh. I have a few go to recipes I’ve perfected over the years – oatmeal cookies, banana bread, blueberry galette, peach and apple pies and cobbler and that is pretty much it. And I think it’s because you have to be so precise when baking from scratch and I’m not that kinda girl. I much prefer using the “a little of this, a little of that” method which gets me in big trouble when baking. Case in point. The yellow cake with chocolate frosting I made yesterday.  The frosting? Amazing!! The cake? Dry. Still tastes good, and trust me, we will still eat it but something went wrong. I also attempted fudge again. Still hard as a rock and I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. My guess is that it’s the universe reminding me no junk food! Doesn’t matter that there’s no sugar, etc. it’s still desert and too much of a good thing is bad for you. However, I’m going through my Julie and Julia phase (google that if you have no idea what I’m referring to) and intend to make everything from my new favorite cookbook, Celebrations. Every cake, cookie and all the sweet gluten free/paleo goodness Danielle has created right along with all the fantastic-looking meals. I’m going to make everything! And lucky you because you get to read all about it. I’m obsessed and intrigued with all the fantastic recipes she has created. Because of her, I am now able to eat real food. And it’s great. And she’s here in Sacramento next week to sign books and talk. She’ll be at our local Costco and you can bet I’ll be there on line waiting to get my books signed and to thank her. I mean if I can stand on line for hours with my sister to meet Tori Spelling and have her sign my books, I most certainly will do this.

And with that said, I’m off to slice a little piece of that dry cake while studying the recipe and see what I did wrong, while watching the baseball game. Go Cubbies!



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