Migraines, Golden Milk, Prednisone and Linda Blair

Happy Friday everyone. What a week. I mean it was like a full moon, bad karma, shit you’ve got to be kidding me kind of week. And I survived. If you want to call waking with a full blown migraine surviving. Amazing how your emotions can wreak havoc on your body.

Anyway, I said I would let you all know how the golden milk worked. OMG! Ahmazing! I’ve slept fabulously every single night! And I love the taste. Love it! And my fingers are crossed it helps with my immune system because mine just sucks and needs the extra help. Especially because we just signed up for Bay to Breakers and I plan to run a half marathon in the spring. Which means I need to stay healthy to train.

And speaking of staying/getting healthy. I saw my Pulmonologist yesterday and we talked about my prednisone taper. With any luck, I’ll be off this poison by Christmas. However the next few weeks may be tough as my dosage decreases because my adrenal system is really going to need to kick itself into gear. He said the lower the dose, the harder it will be on my body. The back pain I had the last time we attempted this has already started and I feel like a junky in the middle of detox. This is going to be a long few weeks and I will apologize now because I’m sure I’ll be doing a Linda Blair imitation before you know it.

Tomorrow I get the chance to meet my idol, Danielle Walker, from Against All Grain and have her sign my cookbook. I’m so excited and can’t wait to thank her. It’s because of her recipes we are able to eat “normal” food again. Really she is a genius. I’ll post pictures tomorrow and share my food plan for next week.

Until then, go Cubbies!!!


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