“A gluten free pancake is still a pancake…”

Day six of the hostage situation. Also known as day six of my prednisone taper.  I’m not having any fun.  This kidney (?) pain is sheer misery and upset stomach, upper back pain and chest pain have joined in on the fun. Because, why not?  Welcome to how I react to a taper. And don’t even get me started on the mood swings.  I swear to God I started crying on the phone yesterday when I was told a new pair of running shoes had not yet arrived.  By tomorrow I will feel better and then as I taper down again, I’ll get hit by the freight train about two to three days in and so on until this crazy hell is over. So please be patient with me. And understanding.  And if I don’t feel like talking about it or explaining all of this for the ten-millionth time, please honor that too. Four weeks.  It seems so very far away.

And now enough of my whining.  I wanted to share a new book with you.  While at Costco last weekend I picked up “Food Freedom Forever” by Melissa Hartwig.  The book is about “letting go of bad habits, guilt, and anxiety around food.” And it’s a great read. While I haven’t followed the Whole30 plan as I thought my diet is already so restricted I wouldn’t need to, I’m thinking of giving it a try because Melissa talks about restricted diets and how you can still follow the program. Her book also addresses food cravings and negative feelings and changing your relationship with food.  And while I no longer eat sweets, I still occasionally have that strong craving when things go sideways.  While I’m going along living my paleo and then some diet, I still find myself reaching for that gluten free, sugar free, egg free, nut free cookie I want so badly in my times of need. And it’s ok because it’s gluten free, right?  Um no.    A carb is still a carb, and as Melissa says “your brain doesn’t know the difference between a gluten free pancake and a “real pancake”… it just knows it’s getting pancakes… that it craved a reward and got it”   

Food exists to nourish our bodies but, so often, we use it to feed our feelings  Definitely not a good habit and yet we all do it. There’s something comforting about reaching for that cookie or insert your choice of comfort food here.  It instantly makes you feel so much better.  And yet, wouldn’t it be great to find a way to actually deal with what is bothering you vs. reaching for that treat? And, if you do reach for that treat, wouldn’t it be great to say to yourself “ok, I ate a cookie. My whole day isn’t ruined.  Let’s just reset and start over NOW.  Right now” instead of “I ate a cookie. My whole day is ruined, so I’m just going to eat ALL of the cookies now and try again tomorrow or the next day or the next.”

While a clean diet was my original “reset” to discover the source of my health woes and I now eat this way to keep me healthy, there is still a lot I can learn and always room for improvement. So learning why I reach for what and when and learning to be mindful of that is the next step in my journey. My next “reset.”  What might your “reset” be and how will you go about attaining that goal?

Go Cubbies!!! 



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