Real food doesn’t have labels

Round two of my prednisone taper.  At the moment, the prednisone is the clear victor.  Here’s to hoping that changes, not feeling much fight today. Stay tuned…

And since I can’t control what’s going on right now, let’s talk about something that is within our control.  Label reading.  Exciting stuff, huh?  But it is so important.  Now, ultimately, a clean diet should consist of fresh food – you know, without labels.  However, that isn’t always possible. When I talk to people about my diet they are stunned when I tell them the sneaky places wheat, corn, soy, etc. are hidden. Did you know vitamins oftentimes contain all three and baking powder contains corn?  And wheat and soy is in EVERYTHING!  Even dairy is a sneaky ingredient. You can find it listed as things such as whey and casein. So if you have taken the step to be mindful of what you eat, take another step further and make sure you are actually eating a clean diet. And I promise you it doesn’t have to be a boring diet.  Out in the world of clean eating, there are all kinds of alternatives to corn starch (arrowroot powder), there’s gluten free baking powder, I use PURE vitamins because there are no additives, etc.  For a treat, there are even dye free, organic candies that taste good (  Really, I promise!!!  But, and here’s the tough part, you have to LOOK!  You have to do research.  You have to stalk, I mean follow sites like Against All Grain, Whole30, Dr. Amy Meyers, etc.  There are hundreds of sites out there.  And this was not something I figured out in a day.  It has taken me a long time and a lot of personal research to get to this point and I’m still learning. I’m pretty aware with the staples I keep in my kitchen.  I know what brands to buy and stick to those.  However, prior to that, grocery shopping would take forever because I had to read everything. And it still takes time whenever I’m trying something new. And just because something comes from Whole Foods or Trader Joes or the label says it’s healthy or gluten free doesn’t necessarily mean it’s clean eating compliant. Look at the ingredients. Always look at the ingredients. For me, the best thing is to make everything from scratch because then I know exactly what I’m eating.  Every. Single. Ingredient.  I am in control.

So, that begs the question. What about eating out?  You have no idea what their ingredients contain.  What do you do? So, back to basics.  Meat, chicken, fish (grilled, no sauce), and veggies (steamed or grilled).  Even then you won’t be one hundred percent certain but ask. Ask your server if something is gluten free, ask about ingredients, etc.  Most chefs are great about it.  I’ve even had one come out and talk to me to make sure my meal was compliant and he ended up making suggestions so that I could enjoy a great meal. And I did.  Because you can.  It just takes work.

Happy Friday everyone! You can do this!



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