On Sundays, we meal prep

It doesn’t matter how tired I am or what’s going on that weekend, Sunday is the day I prep for the week. Because in order to eat healthy, one must prep. And I know I’ll be too tired once I get home from work during the week.  Which means today I made another egg bake, I will make a batch of smoothies (they keep well in the fridge – I store in mason jars), I pre-made the meatloaf meatballs I will put in the crockpot on Tuesday, I created the ribbon “pasta” for dinner tonight (beef stroganoff – the noodles are squash ribbons and the sauce is made from cashews, water and apple cider vinegar) and the carrot ribbons for dinner on Wednesday (Thai Pad See Ew), Fruit and veggies are washed, chopped and ready to grab and go and chicken salad is done.  The chicken salad is my favorite – made with chicken breast meat, avocado mayo, green onions, red grapes, celery, walnuts and pecans. So yummy and full of antioxidants. I also made a loaf of gluten free bread  and chicken nuggets from the Against all Grain blog (nuggets are going in the freezer) and gingersnaps from the Celebrations cookbook. Gluten, dairy and egg free. And, they taste like the real thing!!! What a treat!  BTW, everything above is paleo and delicious!

And I’m tired. Exhausted really.  But, I’m done. I’m all set for the week and will be thankful come Election Day or later in the week when I’m tired and yet happy the major work is done. Trust me, this takes discipline but so worth it. You can even get your whole family involved. Give your kids tasks they can do. Teach them while they are young and they will continue this healthy habit once they are adults. And if none of this has yet convinced you, here’s another little nugget of info. Your amount of food waste will decrease because you are planning ahead and use everything. One meal turns into the next, etc. Give it a shot. Sit down, look at what’s on sale for the week, go through your cookbooks and come up with your meals for the week and shop accordingly. Then come home and prep. It’s easy, you can do it, I promise!

*Most of my meals this week are from the various Against All Grain cookbooks, but you can go to her webpage/blog and try many of her recipes there.










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