Because… PIE!

For my friends in the US, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I thought maybe I should follow up and let you know I’m still hanging in there and tomorrow I go back to the gym. It’s time to start fighting back. I see the doctor on Tuesday and we will make the decision on whether to hold steady a bit or proceed with the final prednisone taper. I’d rather just get this over with. Fingers crossed!

I also thought you might be interested in hearing how my paleo Thanksgiving went. Everything was delicious but I did have a couple of hiccups: I misjudged the cooking time for the turkey because, math… but, in the end the turkey was moist and delicious. The sweet potato casserole tasted just like my mom’s and my changed up cranberry sauce recipe went unnoticed and my son in law gobbled it up. The bacon jam for the Brussels sprouts was out of this world! But I learned to not roast the b sprouts too early and then keep warm in the crock pot. Good thought but no go. They were a little mushy. Ok, a lot mushy and not very pretty. The gluten free, Rosemary biscuits were fabulous and tasted like regular biscuits. And… My pumpkin pie. OMG! I have never made my own gf pie crust before and was a little nervous. This was the best pie crust we’ve ever had and the pie was delicious! In fact, I’m eating some as I type. My little granddaughter loved it and nobody had any idea it was not “regular food.” Score one for mom!!

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year was a huge undertaking since I’m not feeling so hot. I was in the kitchen for two days and my body has been telling me off since. But, it was worth it. You really can serve a GF/paleo meal and satisfy everyone. Even the non-believers.

I’ve been craving buffalo wings lately (a big no no) so I came across a couple of recipes I will share tomorrow. Right now I want to go back to enjoying this pie, because… PIE!!!


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