Fighting my way back

I’ve been neglecting my blog. I just haven’t felt very inspirational lately and just haven’t had the energy to do much more than simply “exist” although, as a very dear friend points out, I’m a good faker. But she and my family know better because they are the precious few I open up to.  I took my very last dose of prednisone last Thursday. Still hanging in there but the last few days have been really rough. The worst wean symptoms I’ve had. The good news, and what I’m hanging on to, because I don’t know how much more of this I can take, is that this is temporary. Or some of it anyway. Unfortunately, the positives of prednisone is no RA and Fibro pain. Being off it I now feel the affects of them both. I’m doing everything in my power to treat myself naturally because the the fear of putting more meds in my body terrifies me. Fortunately the RA and fibro pain when I’m not adjusting to a taper is livable and I’m now in remission, with regards to the ABPA.

I went for a run today. Nothing special or over-strenuating, but I woke up this morning deciding I want to feel like me again. So, I laced up my shoes and out I went. It was a balmy 35 degrees. And it was wonderful. It felt good to do something I love so. I’ve said this before, but running is my time with God. My time to reflect and work through things. And through the run I feel like I got some of my fight back. And it felt symbolic because this time last year I was fighting for my health after what was a serious and scary illness and here I am now, one year later, finally strong enough to be off all of the meds I needed. So to people who saw me run today and thought to themselves what a slow and pathetic run it was, they have no idea that this run was everything. It was letting go and moving forward because I’m fighting my way back.  I’ve got this.

This week I’ll be prepping for Christmas. I’ll share my recipes for clean yet tasty holiday food.





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