How to reset

I said yesterday it was time for a reset and decided I would share various things I’ve learned to help you through yours. So the next 30 days will be tips on how to make it through your Whole30 in my brutally honest way.

Today is my first day back from vacation and I’m too tired/lazy to go to the store. And it’s raining…  but I’m hungry. I could easily grab something not so good for me or behave. I am behaving. Because of the staples I always keep on hand, there is no reason to go hungry or grab crap. For lunch today, I used up what was in the fridge: spring lettuce mix, cauliflower rice, red onion and carrots. I grilled some chicken tenders in a little ghee with some garlic and then fried an egg. For the dressing I mixed some avocado oil mayo with compliant hot sauce and compliant ranch and… YUM! And, I made enough to take to work tomorrow. It’s that easy, guys. Honest! If I can do it, so can you! 😉



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