Time for a reset

My body hates me. Of this I’m sure. Every time I think I’ve made it to the finish line, I get tripped. At least that’s the way it feels. Off all meds for three weeks now and have been doing fine. Then out of nowhere the same breast infection I had in 2015 seems to be back. And that frightens me. Let me back up a little.

We spent the entire summer of 2015 thinking I had inflammatory breast cancer.  The doctors were sure of it and I was told to gear up for the fight of my life and get my things in order. My husband and I walked through that time period in a fog. I went through ultrasounds and MRI’s, a biopsy… all the while they treated me with antibiotics in the hopes it would turn out to be an infection. None of the various meds I took worked. We were discussing sending me to a surgeon when the last round of meds finally started working. We were all thrilled to find out it was an infection after all. What was really happening was the beginning of my immune system failure. And now here I am again a little over one year later with what looks like the same thing on the same breast. My first fear was what if they got it wrong? What if it IS cancer. That was followed by an even bigger fear that my body is shutting down again. And why? I’m doing all they ask of me. But then I think. To be honest, I’ve become a little complacent. And this is where the reset comes in. Back to the strictest of diets and supplements; pumping myself up with probiotics, following the Whole30 plan like my life depends on it. Because it does. The difference this time is I have the tools and know how. It’s ok to reset and start over. It’s ok to start over as many times as you need to. Do whatever it takes to be a healthier you. It’s hard work but anything worth a damn is. Especially when it comes to your health.

I start the Whole30 tomorrow. What will your reset be?


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