Stress, asthma and my reset

I had a stressful afternoon at work and then a stressful drive home trying to avoid the flooded roads and get home safe. Consequently, I had a asthma attack which required a breathing treatment. So I ran upstairs really quick to breathe in that which keeps me alive before the power goes out because it’s so windy here I just know it will. And I have my other inhalers lined up, just in case. Note-while I am off all meds, I still require the occasional treatment. It is what it is.

And that got me to thinking of stress in general and how it’s so bad for us and how it can easily affect our health, if we let it. Most days I do ok managing stress but today the stress won. Will try again tomorrow. I will say I’m proud that I came home and made a very healthy dinner which consisted of roasted Brussels sprouts, sweet potato and grilled chicken with garlic. Yum! What I really wanted was a whole carton of ice cream!

My reset is doing ok otherwise except I haven’t been for a run in over a week which means the gym tomorrow will be rough. A dear friend pointed out I won’t reach my goals if I don’t get myself to the gym. And he’s right. That half marathon isn’t going to run itself! Nobody said a reset would be easy. On the positive, I am back on the good food wagon and am thankful for my love of cooking and the new kitchen tools and small appliances I was gifted at Christmas. Now to get over my instant pot fear. I’m working on it. I did finally take it out of the box…

I guess my hope today is that I help you to realize that living a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy and while some feel I make it look easy, trust me, it’s a daily struggle. But one I know I have to continue fighting if I want to stay in remission. However it is so worth it! And, if you have an off day, it’s ok. Just pick yourself up and move forward. Always move forward!

And so now I will go back to fantasizing about being at the beach as the wind howls and the rain pounds against the window while praying the power stays on. We do have batteries, right?

Some of my meals this week. Top to bottom: 1) roasted b sprouts with a 1/4 sweet potato and grilled chicken tenders , 2) grilled chicken with roasted zucchini, spinach and red peppers and 3) Cajun  burgers over spinach with sweet potato fries.



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