Clean eating… Is it really a big deal?

So, anyone who knows me knows my answer is a resounding YES!  Changing the way I eat, the supplements I take, it changed my life! It healed me.  And the control freak in me loves the fact that this is a way I can control my health.  I wish I had agreed to do this sooner but I wasn’t ready and, let’s be honest here, I thought all of this was a bunch of hogwash.  But no more.  I’m a believer.

It is fascinating to me how certain foods cause inflammation in your body and that the inflammation can actually trigger your own body to attack itself.   For years, YEARS, I’ve had some major swelling and redness in my left wrist, partially because of my rheumatoid arthritis.  Because of the changes I made, my left wrist now looks almost like my right – normal.  I also have more energy, I’m in almost no pain and I now actually have an immune system – I’ve successfully fought off two colds in the last few months.  While everyone else has the “plague” I’m just happily going along with a day or two of mild symptoms and then nothing. NOTHING!!  Usually, by this time each year, I’m just miserable.  One of the coolest things about a clean diet is your ability to recognize a trigger food.  For me the last two days it was grapes.  Normally, grapes have not been a problem.  I ate grapes twice this week and each time I did, I had an asthma attack.  I would never have connected the dots if my diet wasn’t clean.  So, now grapes are off the list for a while.  More the pity because I like wine.  But, I like being healthy more.

And because I am such a believer, I now feel called to do something with what I have learned.  To help people. That was the main reason I started this blog.  I wanted to share my journey and let people know there is hope; there are alternative ways of healing that work. What I would love to do is take what I’m doing further. Find a way to help people who are being told they need to make these changes. Be a resource.  Go through their pantries, shop with them, teach them how to meal plan, grocery shop and batch prep. Show people the many resources out there.  Because when I started on my journey, I knew nothing. I remember feeling so lost, wondering how on earth I could make such a big change.  Because it is.  This is a completely different way of life.  No more opening a box or can or jar of something for dinner.  No more stopping at the drive thru or ordering pizza for something quick.  Something quick now means that I spend all day Sunday prepping everything for the week ahead and then on a Thursday night, grabbing the veggies I already cut up to roast or reheat and throwing together a quick buffalo chicken burger like I did last night.  It means packing my leftovers for lunch and making a breakfast quiche at the beginning of the week so I can have that for breakfast every morning. It means having the foods I need readily available so that I’m not tempted to cheat.  And I’m not perfect by any means.  I still have slip ups.  The difference is I now ask myself why I slipped and then I move forward. Because it’s done. I want people to learn from me, a real person with the same struggles because I “get it.” I’m still not sure how exactly how I’m going to go about this next journey. But I know there is so much more in store.

*My disclaimer, don’t start on some new eating program without first speaking to your doctor.  Everything I do is at the direction of my integrative health doc. My diet is a modified paleo because there are some foods my body just can’t tolerate.  Same with the supplements I take. I’ve been tested to see where my needs are and only take supplements as I’m directed.  Truly what works for me may not work for you.  This is NOT a one size fits all. If you are feeling it’s time to try a new way of healing your body, I  recommend seeking out an integrative or functional medicine doctor. Do NOT do this on your own.


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