A little tough love

So you have been told you need to change your diet to improve your health, to heal your gut, to help with an illness… are you ready? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, eating a clean diet is hard. It just is. But, the benefits from doing so make it worth the extra work involved.  However… and here’s the tough love here – you either have to accept this is your new way of life or you don’t. There’s no middle of the road here; you can’t follow it halfway or change the rules as you see fit, and the only one who can succeed at this is YOU!  YOU have to put the work in. YOU have to do the research and listen to your doctors. YOU have to come to accept this is your new way of life because it means feeling better and being well. Because if you aren’t ready to accept any of these things, you are going to fail. (I don’t want you to fail.)

When I was first put on the AIP (autoimmune protocol) diet, all I could focus on was what I couldn’t eat vs. what I could. It was all so overwhelming. And I was still looking for the easy way and quickly learned there wasn’t one. I’m  not saying I didn’t go through a period of non-acceptance and self-pity because I did, but I was so desperate to feel better I was willing to try anything at that point. And as I started seeing positive results, I became more confident the doctors actually knew what they were talking about and was willing to put in the extra effort because I FELT BETTER! I want you to feel better.

I am fortunate in that I’m now eating a paleo diet, giving me more food options and that I have a love for cooking. I always have. But I had to learn to become more organized. To plan meals for the week. I had to learn to become disciplined enough to meal prep ahead of time. To make sure I always have healthy snacks with me in case I get hungry so I don’t reach for something easy and unhealthy. Again, none of this is easy but I do it because I want to be well and have made it my life’s mission to help those who are now facing the same thing. And because I want you to succeed, I am not going to sugarcoat (oh the irony) clean eating. Ultimately, it’s entirely up to you on whether or not you are ready to make this change.  Are you ready? If you have read this far and are still following me, I think you are. Stick with me. Learn from me. You can do this, I promise.





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