But I’ll blow up my house…

“I’ll blow up my house.” That was my fear when I bought my instant pot. My friends, people I followed in paleo and Whole30 blogs… they all raved about this magic appliance. So, I bought one on Black Friday. And, it stayed in the box for almost a month. The day after Christmas, I finally removed it from the box, placed it in my appliance cabinet, read the directions and became convinced I would blow off an arm or something. So there it sat amongst the waffle iron and the quesadilla maker (don’t judge) for two more weeks. And then I decided this was it. It was time to suck it up and use it. I mean, I already threw out the box so there was no turning back. My first experiment? Nom Nom Paleo’s Kalua Pig. And? Amazing!  Pulled pork in 75 minutes. I followed that up with spaghetti squash, hardboiled eggs, meatballs, sweet potatoes, a whole chicken and banana bread oatmeal. I’m addicted! That I can make healthy food in no time at all is amazing to me. It has cut my food prep time in half. And I can do most everything in one pan. ONE PAN!  I mean you should see my kitchen on a normal food prep day. Can you say dish pan hands?!!!

So, if you are contemplating purchasing an Instant Pot, I say DO IT!! I mean hardboiled eggs in 7 minutes and a whole chicken in 25. This is life changing, people! Now, I wonder what kind of accessories I can buy…



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