What do you eat, part two…

I think people are always shocked when I tell them I eat a strict paleo diet (mine is actually a little more strict than paleo but not quite AIP). They are baffled really and I’m sure are picturing food akin to cardboard and styrofoam. I assure you that’s the furthest from the truth. We actually eat very well. In fact I’ve even cooked for unsuspecting family members who have no clue they are eating a paleo meal and rave about the food and dessert. Yes, I said dessert. Now have I found a recipe for waffles or pancakes that taste like the real thing? Sadly, no. And that’s ok because I’d rather go without than have a substitute. And, if I really want a waffle I will have one and suffer the consequences.  And because of that it is a pretty rare occurrence.

I’ve been meal prepping for the week and thought I would share some of my meals. I have to tell you that since I got my Instant Pot, life has been much simpler. Why did it take so long to open the box?!! Anyway, back to meal prepping tips:

  • An organized kitchen – make sure you have all the staples you need and set your pantry or cupboard up in a way you can easily grab what you need. In an earlier post I shared some pantry staples such as almond and coconut flour, arrowroot powder, raw honey, coconut milk… that way you will always have the basics at hand.
  • Before meal prepping for the week, plan a list of what you plan to make for the week and then create a grocery list with any fresh ingredients you need. I never shop without a list and a plan. Never.
  • Once you get home from the store, dice and chop what needs it and then measure any snacks you want into the proper servings and put in ziplock bags, containers, etc. Makes for easy grab and go. Remember, it’s all about making the week as easy as possible.
  • Start cooking. I usually cook everything I can ahead of time. That way, when I get home from work, I can just reheat vs. spending my evening in the kitchen. Who wants to do that after a long day? This also prevents you from eating crap or grabbing fast food because you have fast food waiting for you at home. There’s no excuse! I also mix and match leftovers for lunches.

Below is a photo of my fridge with everything prepped for the week and ready to grab and go.


And what did I prep for the week?

I made shredded buffalo chicken, fried chicken meatballs (yes, fried chicken meatballs – and they were delicious), swoodles (spiralized onion, sweet potato and carrots with bacon courtesy of Nom Nom Paleo), applesauce, hardboiled eggs in my instant pot because we run and I always like to have protein on hand, a large salad great for lunches and dinner, two dressings: paleo ranch and honey mustard vinaigrette, sautéed spinach and Danielle Walker’s “cornbread.”  My husband and I are at the gym at 5 a.m. so I made an egg bake and banana bread oatmeal so that we can have a healthy breakfast once we get to the office and I made chocolate zucchini muffins for when we want something sweet.  However, remember… a carb is still a carb.

See links below for recipes:






During the week I’ll post photos of our meals so you can see how well we eat. It’s so easy. Really. If I can do it, so can you!




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