Easter. What can I eat?

Holidays are tough when you have a restricted diet. Tough but not impossible. Because holidays are filled with lots of good food, I used to dread going to someone’s house or having anyone over. It’s exhausting explaining what I can and can’t eat and why. And, if I made something I could eat, would anyone else want to eat it. Fortunately I have a very supportive group of family and friends who want to know so they can support me. Also, fortunately, I have such a love for cooking that I’m always experimenting. I also love to research and have found so many wonderful recipes that about 90% of the time nobody would have any idea what they are eating is paleo.

So, it’s Easter. What do I serve my family so that I can still eat? Fortunately for me there is Danielle Walker from Against all Grain to the rescue!  I’ll be making recipes from her new cookbook: blood organge glazed ham, potato salad and grilled veggies wrapped in bacon. For dessert a blueberry galette. http://againstallgrain.com/2016/08/13/grain-free-blueberry-galette/  Nobody will go hungry, including me!

Really, this is all doable. In fact, in a few weeks my sister in law is coming to stay with us so I can teach her the basics. It’s become my passion to teach others that diet can change your health. I’m not saying this is easy because it’s not, but I would rather spend hours in the kitchen vs hours in the hospital. Wouldn’t you?

I’m working on a couple of recipes and will share soon. Recipe creation with nut flours etc is tough which is why I usually prefer to use others’ recipes. However, I’m a determined spirit so… Stay tuned.

Wishing you a wonderful Easter with your family. If you aren’t sure yet what to fix, check out Danielle’s blog or cookbooks. You will be glad you did!





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