Thank you and Farewell for now

It’s December 27, and I haven’t written a blog post  in quite a while. The last few months have been so filled with loss and change that to be honest, I’ve not had the energy nor desire to do anything “extra.” That includes writing this blog and really taking care of myself. And it shows in how my body feels. I’m tired all the time, my mood is in constant flux, my immune system isn’t working properly… things are just a bit off kilter right now. And I’m struggling to find the balance I need to change things. I know what I need to do, I just can’t quite find the energy nor desire to do it.

And I share this because I want people to know that while I’ve learned to make the changes necessary for my health, that the struggle is very real. That every day I must choose to eat cleanly to go that extra mile for my health. And as much of an advocate as I am for eating healthy to stay healthy, sometimes I too struggle with the guilt of falling off plan and finding the motivation to get back on track.

For a while I felt that if I could help others, everything I went through would mean something. Now I feel I’m at a crossroads and maybe I’ve taken this blog as far as it can go. How can I possibly help others when I can’t even seem to help myself right now? So, I’m taking a break from this blog thing for a while. Maybe I’ll be back. Maybe I won’t. All I know is that I need to take care of me and work through my grief. So a break from all things extra is in order.
I hope I was of some help to somebody. That what I experienced and learned and shared was useful. That perhaps I was even an inspiration. But for now, my goal for the new year is to go back to taking care of me. Of making myself a priority. Because until I get that back in check, I’m of no use to anyone. Especially me.

For the new year, I challenge you to do the same. Focus on getting and staying healthy. Take it one small step at a time.
There are so many amazing blogs out there to follow: Pretend it’s a Donut, Physicalkitchness, Whole30, Against all Grain… Follow them. Learn from them. I sure did.

I’m sure I will be back posting at some point and sharing my progress.  Thank you to all who have encouraged and supported me and who will continue to do so. May 2018 be healthy and happy for you all.



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