Whole30 – week one down and I’m still alive

Week one has been going very well and I’m not feeling deprived. I’m not even missing my wine. Go figure. And I already eat a modified diet so taking a few more things out of the equation is not a big deal. Thirty days, folks.

I’m often told by people they could never do this, it’s too hard, etc. And they are correct in that it does take work and planning. For me, it’s a conscious choice I make to stay in remission. My fungal infection and asthma do not have a cure. My RA and fybromyalgia do not have a cure. But by eating deliberately, by eating what works for MY body, I can manage symptoms. So why wouldn’t I take the time? Why wouldn’t I invest in my health in this way? So I ask you. Why wouldn’t you invest in yourself? Aren’t you worth the commitment? Anything in life worth doing is challenging, but think of the payback, and in this case: joints which no longer hurt, fewer infections, less inflammation… I’ve been fighting off an infection all week. The thing is, this reset in just one week’s time has my body fighting. I can actually feel my immune system working. I told my husband this morning how I envision my white blood cells as little soldiers protecting me. This is about the time of year that if I’m going to have a relapse it’s gonna be bad. Not this time. I am using everything in my arsenal: clean eating, the right supplements, exercise… because I’ve come too far to go down that road again. I may temporarily fall off the wagon, because I am human, but I will never let things get so far that I have a total collapse of immune health again.

Week one in review:

I started using Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides this week. This stuff is great! I mix a scoop in my smoothie in the morning and then another scoop into my herbal tea in the evening (BTW, sipping on herbal tea in the evening is a great way to fight the sugar dragon and also to wind down). I’ve noticed that I stay full much longer and I seem to have more energy. I’ll keep you posted on what it does for my joints, skin, hair and nails.


As for what we have been eating:

Sunday night was a one-pan cashew chicken meal. I swear it tasted like takeout! We served ours over cauli rice to stretch the meal into Monday night.


Tuesday night I made chicken wings and served with lemon-garlic kale and a yam with a little ghee and cinnamon on top. So good.


Wednesday night, it was just me. We had a great workout so I didn’t want anything heavy but wanted to make sure I had protein. So, I made what I call a Dump Salad- spinach, shredded carrots, mushrooms, a hard boiled egg, some chicken breast, avocado, blueberries, strawberries and a compliant dressing. Seriously I could eat this every day. And blueberries on a salad? Oh yeah…


Thursday night was chicken/pineapple patties with sweet potato fries, a salad and half an avocado.


Friday night we had a gluten free pizza, no cheese and loaded with chicken and veggies. Don’t judge. This is more clean than most meals people eat so I will not apologize.

This morning we went on what was supposed to be a three-mile run. We ended up doing six. It was a beautiful foggy day (great running conditions) and we enjoyed one of the many trails in our neighborhood. As you can imagine, you are hungry after a long run. Breakfast was what I call “Clean out the fridge hash with eggs on top.” Clever, huh? I sautéed onions, peppers and garlic in coconut oil and then added what was left of the cauli rice and spinach and crumbled the leftover chicken patties into the pan. I then added fried eggs to the top and served half an avocado on the side. We ate around 10:30 am. It’s now 4:30 pm and I’m still not hungry. Deliberate food that does your body good.

Lunches this week? Leftovers. I ALWAYS make enough for leftovers and then pack them into containers so I can grab and go for work. I mean, I don’t even need to think about it. If I am hungry during the day, I eat fruit, hard boiled eggs, nuts dried apples or a Larabar. And for extra fuel before a hard workout I will have an RX bar.

If you are still unsure of what a difference clean eating can do for you, here is a before and after for you. The photo on the left was taken last month. The photo on the right was 5 years ago with me on very high doses of prednisone – I’m now medication free.


So I ask you again? Aren’t you worth the investment? I think so.

For the recipes from above and more of the same, (not including my salad or hash), please check out Pretend it’s a Donut and Physicalkitchness. Not only are these women funny and insightful, their recipes are off the hook? Wait, does anyone say that anymore?

And here is my regular disclaimer. I am not a medical professional. I eat the foods which are right for ME. I’ve been tested and followed by a doctor. If you would like to make a change, look for an Integrative Doctor in your area. I am just sharing the tools I have learned and the resources I have discovered to help you on YOUR journey.

Stay tuned for my continued Whole30 and half marathon progress…






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