“You can’t,” “You shouldn’t,” “You need to try… you shouldn’t try,” “You’re sick again?”

People are always saying to me: “You can’t,” “You shouldn’t,” “You need to try… you shouldn’t try,” “You’re sick again?” I know these people mean well, however these comments can be hurtful. I’m never completely going to be healthy.  I have an autoimmune disease that I will have my entire life; there is no cure. I have no idea when a relapse will happen but they are going to happen, (and unfortunately, this has been a bad year for me) because this thing I have is always silently waiting to attack. This is my life. For the rest of my life.  Comments like above, while I know come from a good place, are not helpful – they sting and make someone already self conscious about their health even more so. And truly, until you’ve walked a mile in anyone’s shoes, think before you judge. Before you speak. And when you do speak, speak with kindness. Ask how you can help. Be encouraging. Or be silent.

We now interrupt the above ranting for… FOOD!

Because of my separated rib cage and pneumonia, I’m obvi not cooking right now, but I wanted to share some great, EASY Paleo ideas for the Fourth of July. So simple my family can easily pinch hit because these recipes are super easy.

My favorite source of recipes is always Danielle Walker from “Against all Grain.” Below is the link to her Fourth of July Blog. We have tried every single one of those recipes (think potato salad and deserts and drinks and hamburgers and ribs) and they are all easy and AMAZEBALLS!!!  And if you don’t have her cookbooks, why not?!! Get them. They are life changing!


I have also recently discovered First and Full. Her recipes look soooo good and I can’t wait to try each and every one! I’m saving these for when I’m feeling better.


Lastly, I have to share these cookies with you. Such a sneaky way to get more veggies into my family’s diet. And they have no idea! And definitely add the dark chocolate chips! These go fast in my house. They also freeze well.


You really CAN find easy to make Paleo dishes that taste good and take no time at all to make. Food that tastes so good, nobody will ever think they are eating something “healthy.” And believe me, I’ve tricked my family so many times they don’t even question or ask anymore.

So I challenge you today… first check out these two bloggers and try one of their recipes. Try something NEW! You will be surprised. I also challenge you to rethink the words you use. Words matter, and make an impact- both negative and positive.

Wishing my readers in the US a wonderful and safe Fourth of July, my readers in Canada a happy Canada Day and the rest of you a fantastic week and weekend!










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