Living with a corn allergy. Read your labels, read your labels, read your labels…

I have a corn allergy – not an intolerance but a true allergy. If I consume even a trace of corn my chest closes up and I have breathing issues. I can tell immediately if I eat something with corn. And do you know how difficult it is to live with such an allergy? Let me tell you, corn is in EVERYTHING.  Even places you would least suspect. This is one of the reasons I’m such a big label reader.

So, if you have a corn allergy what should you be looking for? Did you know corn is an ingredient in most vitamins? It’s even in baking powder! You also have to read labels for bacon and sausage and if I want ketchup or BBQ sauce, I have to make my own. Fortunately I’m not a soda drinker because… corn syrup. I have to even watch some cold medicines.

What is really the pits is eating out. I do my best when ordering to make sure I’m sticking to a paleo diet but I don’t fully know what ingredients they use no matter how diligent I am. And trust me, I’m one of THOSE customers. Only I’m alway friendly and polite and I tip well.

So you have a corn allergy. You just have to look for corn or corn syrup, right?  Nope. Here is a link to corn and ingredients which may contain corn. The list is long and even I get it wrong sometimes and end up with a miserable wheezing attack.

If you too have a corn allergy, I feel for you. It is the pits. I eat a paleo diet to keep the inflammation levels low in my body which keeps my autoimmune at bay however I do not consume corn because I truly can’t.

Whatever the reason you are following paleo or have a food allergy, read labels on EVERYTHING! Food, supplements, lotions, shampoos. Educate yourself. Because we never really know what we are consuming until we start paying attention. It’s not easy but it is my way of life. You can do it too. Honest!







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